Car Choice Canada Used Car Service

“There’s a used car out there at a great price …. I’ll find it”
Bruce Lloyd

The Easy and Confident Way to Buy a Used Car

With Car Choice Canada’s “Used Car Buying Service” you get a pre-negotiated price on a selected car or truck from a reputable franchise dealer in the GTA. This includes:
* The official book value of the selected vehicle.
* The dealer’s posted asking price.
* The dealer’s sale price of the vehicle based on a fair market value.

If your selected vehicle is difficult to find because of supply and demand, you have the option to choose a second vehicle search, free of charge. I will continue to search for you up to 60 days.

Used Car Service Fee*

* The lowest price quote
* Price shown in Canadian dollars. HST extra

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* 6 Reasons to choose Car Choice Canada
* Advantages/Disadvantages of buying used
* Do your homework

6 Reasons to Choose Car Choice Canada

1. Save Time – I shop your business to a network of more than 30 reputable franchise dealerships. Why waste your time driving from one dealer to another searching for that special vehicle, then having to negotiate the price and never really knowing if you got a fair deal.
2. Save Money – I deal directly with the management team of each dealership, so you save the salesperson’s commissions. And I use the same used-vehicle valuation sources as dealers do, so I know the true “book” value of a vehicle.
3. Save Hassles – I do the negotiating for you. And I make sure you understand every aspect of the deal before you take delivery.
4. Expert Advice – I’m here to answer all your questions regarding reliability, value, depreciation – everything you need to know to make the right vehicle choice.
5. Insurance Assistance – You can count on my assistance when dealing with your insurance company in a “Total Loss” situation. I’ll help you get a fair value for your insured vehicle.
6. Trust – The dealerships I shop have proven themselves to me, time after time. They deliver value that starts with the right price and continues through to service and the way they handle problems. They’re all ranked top-of-class in customer satisfaction. Or I won’t deal with them.

Advantages/Disadvantages of Buying Used

Advantages of Buying Used
* Substantial dollar savings compared to new vehicles. Purchasing a 4 year domestic used vehicle could save you over 50% off the new car price.
* Greater room for negotiating because of the higher profit margins on the used vehicles.
* All quality and reliability issues that may be apparent with the new vehicle are generally resolved by the time of resale.

Disadvantages of Buying Used

* The maintenance cost of the used vehicle will be considerably higher than the same new vehicle.
* Warranties for used vehicle are limited even with the manufacturer’s extended service plan.
* Maintenance records are generally not available and no way of knowing how the vehicle was driven.
* Low factory financing is generally not available on used vehicle.