Car Choice Canada New Car Service

“There’s a dealership out there with the right deal for you … I’ll find it.”
Bruce Lloyd

The No-Hassle Way to Buy a New Car

With Car Choice Canada’s “New Car Service” you get a pre-negotiated price on your selected new car, SUV or or truck plus all the information you need to make an informed purchase decision. This includes:

* Your final drive-away price, including freight and PDI.
* Dealer discounts
* Current factory rebates and cash-back offers.
* Manufacturer’s financing offers.
* Book value of your trade-in

When you accept the offer, I’ll send you contact information for the dealership’s Sales Manager so you can arrange to sign the Offer to Purchase. It really is that easy.

New Car Service fees*

* The lowest price quote on your selected vehicle.
* Included, Free price quote on a second vehicle of your choice.
* Prices shown in Canadian dollars. HST extra.

Let’s Talk

It doesn’t cost anything to arrange a New Car consultation. So call or email today!
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Still Thinking About It?

* 6 Reasons to Choose Car Choice Canada –
* Advantages/Disadvantages of Buying New –
* Do Your Homework –
* How Much Can You Save –

6 Reasons to Choose “Car Choice Canada”

1. Save Time – I shop your business to a network of more than 30 dealerships. Why waste your time driving from one dealership to another across the GTA.
2. Save Money – I deal directly with the managers and senior personnel of each dealership, so you save the salesperson’s commissions. And I get you all the rebates, cash-backs, financing and incentive offers to which you’re entitled.
3. Save Hassles – I do the negotiating for you. And I make sure you understand every aspect of the deal before you sign the offer to purchase.
4. Fair Trade-in Value – I work with the dealers to get you a fair market value of your trade-in.
5. Expert Advice – I can help you decide on all the other car-buying considerations that matter to you – such as rustproofing, extended warranties, hybrids, anti-theft products, dealer-installed accessories and aftermarket add-ons.
6. Trust – The dealerships I shop have proven themselves to me, time after time. They deliver value that starts with the right price and continues through to service and the way they handles problems. They’re all ranked top-of-class in customer satisfaction. Or I won’t deal with them.

Advantages/Disadvantages of Buying New

Advantages of Buying New

* Drive a vehicle with the latest styling, technology, convenience, comfort and safety features
* Drive a vehicle with better fuel economy and lower emissions than previous models.
* Enjoy the peace-of-mind and the lower maintenance costs associated with owning a vehicle covered by the manufacturer’s various bumper-to-bumper, powertrain and roadside assistance warranties.
* Take advantage of available rebates, incentives, bonus and financing offers from the manufacturer.

Disadvantages of Buying New

* Higher initial costs compared to the same used model.
* Potential reliability issues especially with redesigned models.
* Limited room to negotiate price on high demand vehicles.
* Depreciation is the highest in the first 3 years of ownership. Some domestic model can depreciate up to 50% in only 3 years.

Do Your Homework

When making a decision a decision on a vehicle purchase, here are some key factors you should consider. They all have an impact on the Right Choice/Right Price recommendations that Car Choice Canada will offer you.
1. MSRP – Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price. This is the manufacturer asking price but the dealer is free to sell for less.
2. Dealer Invoice Price – This is price the manufacturer charges the dealer.
3. Dealer Profit Margin – This is the difference between the MSRP and the invoice price.
4. Dealer Administration fees – This is an additional fee dealers charge the consumer
5. Factory Rebates – Car manufacturers offer numerous cash backs and rebates on various models throughout the year.
5. Cash Rebates – Car manufacturers offer numerous cashbacks and rebates on end of the year model vehicles.
6. Eco Rebates – The federal and provincial governments provide a variety of rebates to consumers who purchase selected fuel-efficient vehicles, including hybrids.
7. Gas Cards – The volatile price of gasoline has led a number of manufacturers to offer cents-off-per-litre gas discount cards to their new vehicle buyers.
8. Graduate Student Rebates – Manufacturers may offer rebates to recent post-secondary graduates for the purchase or lease of new vehicles.
9. Loyalty Discounts – Many manufacturers offer special discounts to current owners to keep them loyal to the brand.
10. Insurance Costs – Many factors can affect your insurance such as the type of vehicle, price, theft rating, etc. so shop around before making your vehicle selection.
11. Used Car Donations – Organizations such as Car Heaven work with the manufacturers to offer as much as $1,000 for non-saleable or end-of-life vehicles.

How Much Can You Save ?